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What we Do!

Our Vision!

  Simply put we build websites!  With 40 plus years combined between us in the business consultant tech field, we are a group of friends that share one simple goal.  That is to make your website amazing.  From template base websites to fully customizable, we got your back.  Our vision is to provide a consistent digital presence for each one of our customers.  We provide  consultation to go over your personal and business goals.  

Our Passion

We approach things a little differently here at Website Renegade. You could say, we’re a little atypical. Instead of trying to be the be-all-end-all, we focus on what we do best — building awesome websites while giving you the best customer experience along the way. We don’t try to reinvent the wheel and offer every service under the sun. Instead, we partner together  building a close network who are experts in search engine optimization, graphic design (Logos) and building websites. Whatever your website needs, we’re here to help, we want you to be successful.  Your passion is our obsession.    

Atypical (āˈtipək(ə)l)

Definition: Not like the usual or normal type; not representative of its typical group or class
Synonyms: unusual, uncommon, unconventional, unorthodox, exceptional, unique, rare, out of the ordinary, extraordinary

Behind The Name

Anyone who is off to take on the world by opening up their own business is a Renegade.  We understand that definition very well.  That is why for us the name is very personal.  Through many nights of having no sleep and stress, and tears, we became the walking, tangible meaning of a Renegade.  We have separated from the norm, to redefine greatness. It is beyond a passion, but a obsession to see companies grow, to flourish and witness people's dreams coming true.  We take no prisoners, we make no excuse, we have a bold vision.  We breath, and hunger, and sleep success.  With a sea of average we stand above the rest to become Excellent.  To be a Renegade.  We know the sacrifice, we understand what it takes.  Instead of being tied down to the man, we take the risk to be Free.  We welcome you  to our world, to our family, to our tapestry!

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